Salmon & Brussels Foil Packets

salmon boats featured

Tender, flaky salmon with brussels sprouts in the most addicting sauce. This whole meal is prepared AND cooked in an aluminum foil packet. The easiest recipe, with no mess and no cleanup. Customize with whatever greens you like.

Mexican Inspired Quinoa

mexican inspired quinoa featured

Loaded into this whole grain, protein packed, one pan dish, Mexican flavors bring the perfect amount of heat. It is healthy and nutritious, naturally vegan and gluten free, and unbelievably easy to make. Enjoy with a refreshing squeeze of lime.

Mushroom & Crispy Chickpea Lettuce Cups

mushroom lettuce cups featured

Roasted wild mushrooms and seasoned, crispy chickpeas are dressed in a slightly spicy, sesame-almond sauce. Layer these up over rice noodles in crisp butter lettuce for a bright & healthy dish.

Spicy Salmon Cakes

spicy salmon cakes featured

Made from fresh salmon and a mix of Asian seasonings, these cakes are crispy on the outside, but moist and flaky inside. Great for an appetizer, or as a healthy main, they’re cooked without any oil and need finishing only with a drizzle of lemon.

Vegan Spicy Fusilli

vegan spicy fusilli featured

This recipe is adapted from Jon & Vinny’s famous dish in Los Angeles. It’s one of my absolute favorites, and now it’s not only creamy, spicy, and indulgent, but it’s also vegan. You can easily make this gluten free as well.

White Fish Pot Pie

white fish pot pie featured

A hearty helping of leeks, peas, and cod, spiced with turmeric, and baked in a puff pastry crust. Makes for plenty to share or yummy leftovers!

Creamy Spicy Miso Mushroom Ramen

creamy spicy miso mushroom ramen featured

Inspired by traditional Japanese cuisine, this homemade vegan ramen has crispy, roasted mushrooms, and a creamy, spicy broth. It’s super easy and only takes 30 minutes.

Jamaican Jerk Shrimp

jamaican jerk shrimp featured

This Jamaican jerk recipe is traditionally done with grilled chicken, and I’ve adapted it from a favorite childhood family vacation spot. Slightly sweet, bursting with flavor and aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg, they’re great on their own or paired with your favorite veggies.